Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Gifts - Glitter ornaments

Yes, I know, Christmas is over! Things were so nuts right before Christmas that I made these gifts but didn't have time to post them. They turned out so cute, that I wanted to share even though it's after Christmas. Maybe they will inspire you for next year. The first gifts are glitter ornaments. I know that many people have posted these this year. I made them last year for my son's 1st grade teacher and for my little one's daycare provider but this year I got a little more inspired!! I have to give a great big thank you to Joy at the Everyday Cricut blog which is where I saw these posted last year. I made mine just like she did using Pledge with future shine to coat the inside, then Martha Stewart fine glitter. I love this project because my kids can shake the glitter around so they have helped make it. This year I decided to make one for my oldest son's teacher, and also for the music and P.E. teacher. The red one I've posted was the one I made for the music teacher. She does such and amazing job and I wanted her's to be special. I used Garnet glitter, then cut the B from Winter Woodland at 1 1/2" with the shadow in white and then in black. I wanted to put music notes around the ornament and didn't have Quarter Note yet. (I got it for Christmas!!) I had just gotten my Winter Frolic cartridge and was thrilled to find the music boarder that went with the carolers. I cut it four times at 1" in black vinyl and then put it around the middle. The blue ornament was for my other son's daycare provider. I had given her one last year with her initial, so I wasn't going to do one again. But, my 3 year old wanted to do one like his big brother. I did this one with lapis blue. I cut the nativity from the Inspired Heart cartridge at 2" but the curved borders would not lay flat so I cut them off. I cut the Bethlehem star from one of the boarders on Winter Frolic and the star border was from Winter Frolic as well cut at 1" I hope you enjoy these!! Thanks for looking!!

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  1. Those are wonderful! I made them this year too but I really love all the detail on yours!


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