Thursday, September 30, 2010

Seasons Change

Life has been insane!!! Between teaching school, responsibilities at the church we pastor, two kids which includes scouts and flag football I have been running crazy! Unfortunately, that means I've had precious little time in my craft room lately and when I have been there, I'm too tired to think! I do have a card in the works that I was hoping to post tonight, but hopefully I'll get it done to post tomorrow. I did, however, want to post a picture of the bulletin board I finished at church last night. It's kind of funny that I haven't posted a picture of any of my bulletin boards from church or school on here since this time of year that's what I use my cricut for the most!

The board is covered with brown craft paper. The ribbon boarder is from some seasonal ribbon from Walmart. I love using ribbons for my boarders because I roll them back up and they are already cut the right size to use again! The leaves in the corners are from Stretch your Imagination. The ones without the gold outline embossed on my cuttlebug with the Divine Swirls folder and inked with copper Cats Eye ink. The letters were cut at 4" from Nursury Rhymes. The pumpkin is from the Thanksgiving mini cartridge. I cut it at fit to page on my 12' x 24' mat. The green and orange are from pack of cardstock from Hobby Lobby. Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoy!!


  1. The board turned out beautiful! I love the ribbon idea, but the cuts you picked really make it stand out!

  2. This is really beautiful. The design is great and the saying even better.

    Thank you for sharing,



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