Friday, April 1, 2011

Baby Onesies

This post is something completely new for me! Every since I got my cricut I have wanted to get into using it to applique fabric. I have cut fabric with my cricut to use on paper projects but never did much more. I was inspired by the latest Cricut magazine to try it along with the fact that I am possibly doing a craft show in June and I want to have more available than just cards. I've been sewing since I was was a little girl, so I love combining two things I love!!

Anyway, I did both of these onesies using the Gerber onesies that you can buy at walmart. I ironed on Wonder Under and cut the fabric to 12x12. The cupcake is from Sweet Treats and cut at 4". The fabric was all scraps I have on hand. The "Cowgirl Up" was from Old West and cut at 3 1/2". I ironed on the images after they were cut following the directions on the Wonder Under. Then I appliqued them with my sewing machine. On the Cowgirl Up I cut the layer for the U out of denim and straight stitched it with yellow jean thread. I embellished them with buttons and with jewels using my I-rock.

A couple things I learned. First, when you cut the fabric, make sure you use a new blade. Paper dulls your blade just like it dulls scissors. I have blades that I use only for fabric. Using my label maker I labled the little container they come in to know that those blades are only for fabric. When cutting your fabric, use the slowest speed and use images that are not intricate. Finallly, if you are going to use the satin stitch on your machine to applique the images, you need to iron on pellon interfacing on the back of whatever you are stiching. Otherwise, it will cause your knit fabric to bunch up.

I hope you have enjoyed these. I will post more as I make them. Try this on a project. I promise it becomes addicting!!


  1. Love your oneies..I am thinking of trying some myself but without the sewing factor..

  2. These are sew cute, makes me wish I could sew..maybe I'll send the link to my Mom and ask her to do it.. ha ha.. Great Onesies!

  3. Been wanting to try something on a tshirt for my granddaughter... I think I found it! Thanks for the idea!


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